Santa Google Arama İpuçları Rap Santa's Google Search Tips Rap

Search tips: | To help St. Nick with his big flight this year, a few Googlers created this holiday search tips rap video. Song written and produced by, and video starring, all Google employees.Lyrics:Yo, I run a few searches before the big flight,To save me more time on this magical night.I type [sunrise and city] of my last stop,I got plenty of time before my last drop.If I don't know the time in a certain city,I peep it on search before my chimney shimmy.Tyle [time and town] before I come into town,To see if Johnny's in bed before I hit ground.Go Santa, Santa work it!Go Santa, Santa search it!But before I go flying through the frosty air,I do a weather search to decide what to wear.Mrs. Clause, should I bring my extra warm down jacket?[Mrs. Clause]: Hmmm, yes. You should definitely pack it.And please pack these cookies that I baked for you.Shhhhh! I researched the recipe with recipe view,And used the low cal filter, I must admit:I wanna make sure that jacket still fits!Go Santa, Santa work it!Go Santa, Santa search it!Check one, check two: yes I check twice.Santa's Google Doc called 'Naughty and nice.'With control+F, I find a name in the doc n',I hope I don't have to put coal in a stockin'When I'm cruising in my sleigh with my hands on the reigns,Voice input is handy, 'cause typing is a pain.If on a wish list I spot a gift I never heard: schlittschuhe,I use the translate app to speak the foreign word.Go Santa, Santa work it!Go Santa, Santa search it!Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho.Go Santa, Santa work it!Go Santa, Santa search it!Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Yeah!___________________Lyrics by Matt Kane, Google Content and User Education Specialist and hip hop enthusiastMusic by Ranidu, Google Business Systems Integrator and musician: produced with the help of our friends at Seedwell:

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