I do not own this song. All rights go to CaptainSparklez. I just made this video for fun. All I did was download the audio, cut it, add lyrics (Provided in the original video description even though some were wrong) Fixed the wrong lyrics. Original Music Video: www.youtube.com TryHardNinja (Igor) - Vocals: www.youtube.com CaptainSparklez (Myself) - Visuals, instrumental, lyrics: www.youtube.com Doc Exx (Chris) - Audio mixing and production: www.youtube.com Dynamite (The song upon which this parody is based) www.youtube.com Correct Lyrics: I came to dig dig dig dig I'll build a city oh so big big big big Just wait a sec, gotta kill this pig pig pig pig cook me some bacon and take a swig swig swig swig yeah, yeah there must be something I can craft to ease the burden of this task yeah I shoot my arrows in the air sometimes saying ay-oh, creeper's KO'd loot his remains and now his sulfur's mine saying ay-oh, not today no and then I'll go to work under the birch tree and I'll make myself tons of TNT and ill use these blocks to build a big city and I'll mine it all using TNT I came to blow blow blow blow up everything you've ever known known known known expel you out of house and home home home home biome to biome you shall roam roam roam yeah, yeah cause I'm a creeper I will rob all of your items that's my job yeah I shoot my arrows in the air sometimes saying ay-oh, creeper's KO'd teabag his ghost and now his sulphur's mine sayin' ay-oh, MLG pro and then I'll head back home...

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